Taking donations means I can keep costs down and ensures that I can sell my items at a reasonable price. It’s also a sustainable way of working and is great for the environment!  

At the moment I can accept: Denim, Shoes/Trainers, Blazers,

You can drop or post your items to my studio: 

Buy by Bethan, Make North Docks, Unit 1, 34 Regent St, Liverpool, L3 7BN

I might not be able to use your donation for a few reasons: it has damage beyond my skills, or it be to patterned/detail for me to work on top of. I will pass any items I can't use on to a local charity.  Please bare this in mind when donating. 

Thank you so much for even considering donating! I LOVE receiving your items and I am forever grateful everything you guys manage to send to me.