Do you have old clothes you no longer love or wear? 

Fancy sending them to me to be jazzed up and sold to a new loving home!?


What can I send?

I will accept mainly the following clothing/accessories, men’s, women's & children:

Denim (Jeans, Jackets, Skirt Dungarees), Shoes/Trainers (In good condition) T-shirts, Hoodies, Jumpers, Blazers, Shirts (Not overly patterned) 

How do I send it?

If you are in Liverpool, you can drop your items in my Donation Bin at Red Brick Market.

If you are elsewhere in the UK, you can post your donations, please get in touch to get the postal address.



I take donations because it keeps costs down and ensures that I can sell my items at a reasonable price. It is for the environment and is a more sustainable way of me getting stock! And it means that pretty much everything I create is unique and one of a kind! 


What happens if you can't use my donation?

If I cannot use the stuff, I receive I will simply pass it on to a local charity. I might not be able to rework your item for a few reasons: it might have damage beyond my skills, it might not be resell-able (bobbles, tears, falling apart) 

Please bare this in mind when donating. 

(I don't want you wasting money on postage!)


Thank you so much for even considering donating! 

I LOVE receiving your items and I am forever greatful everything you guys manage to send to me 😊