About Bethan & FAQ's


Hi! I'm Bethan.

I rework all the items sold on this website! I use a number of different techniques including bleaching, dying, gluing, sewing and painting to rework the items I source. From preloved to donated, wholesale and ex catalogue, each item is 100% unique, because I can’t create the exact same thing twice, believe me I have tried!

Unfortunately, it is hard for me to source the same things twice (unless its t-shirts/hoodies) so once a batch of items is made, I usually won't be getting them again so you better be fast in getting your hands on them.

I have also do commissioned/custom orders, so if you have an item of clothing you want updating or reworking, get in touch.


What dye do you use?

I use a powder based non-toxic dye. It is activated using just water, and can only use on natural fibres such as rayon and cotton.

Can my items be washed?

For full details on aftercare please see here.

What is reverse dying?

Reverse dying is where you remove colour rather than adding it. This process is a little more chancy and I cannot be certain of the outcome. Sometimes you get an amazing surprise as to what colours are in the fabric. With this I have to be super careful to not damage the clothing as the mixture can actually cause the garment to fall apart if it is left too long! I wash & dry all dyed items before delivery.


How will I know if it is the right size?

All items are manufactured for other stores and bought by myself. I usually display the item using the sizes the garment comes with. This means that it would be the same as ordering from any other online website.

Do you take custom requests?

YES! I would love to be able to make something specific for you! Get in touch via the contact form for more info.